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 paypal sucessfull, still no usage time remaining

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PostSubject: paypal sucessfull, still no usage time remaining   Tue 18 May - 3:42

Paied for more time yesterday in cooks bay. It went through, paypal sucessfull. Receipt and everything. Still says "No usage Time Remaining" here's my transation history screen even now:Recent transaction history of user oceanhippie

Order Date
Payment Status

2010-May-16 17:04
1 heure / 1 hour Cook
Unknown Yet

2010-May-16 17:05
1 heure / 1 hour Cook

I already posted this on your ohter fourm, trying again today! Please can you fix it. I have paid havn''t received. Loath to pay again till I know its working. Have used many times before no problem!Paypal Transaction ID: 2J253625KA388623A username oceanhippie!To
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paypal sucessfull, still no usage time remaining
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